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Grain Craft & Indigo Announce Consumer-Driven Supply Agreement for One Million Bushels of Identi

• Indigo to provide Grain Craft with wheat that is sustainably produced, identity preserved, and meets enhanced milling quality standards

Boston, Massachusetts, December 12, 2017 – Grain Craft, the largest independent flour milling company in the United States, has partnered with Indigo Ag, Inc., a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, in a supply agreement for one million bushels of high quality, sustainably produced, and identity preserved wheat. Indigo has already partnered with hundreds of U.S. farmers to produce Indigo WheatTM at a premium of 43 cents per bushel over the price of commodity wheat. When the crop is harvested in 2018, Indigo will deliver the wheat to Grain Craft, where it will be milled into flour for baking, foodservice, and pizza customers.

“At Grain Craft, we care about our flour — the quality, the way it’s produced, and the farmers who produce it,” said Alan Koenig, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Grain Craft. “We are partnering with Indigo to produce traceable and sustainable flour at scale. This is a new way of doing business that’s responsive to the needs of our customers.”

Indigo uses naturally occurring plant microbes, along with software and data tools, to increase yields of high quality wheat seed varieties without additional inputs of chemicals or fertilizer. With this focus, Indigo will support Grain Craft’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

“Indigo’s goal is to increase farmer profitability using practices that are consistent with environmental sustainability and consumer health,” said David Perry, Indigo’s President and CEO. “Customers are increasingly willing to pay for improved quality, improved environmental sustainability, and traceability back to the farm. This sort of specialization is good for everyone involved: the grower, the consumer, and the environment.”

Grain Craft and Indigo are partnering to produce flour that will meet the needs of both consumers and growers. These companies share the belief that aligning consumer preferences with agricultural practices can address current challenges to grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.

“Working with Indigo and Grain Craft, I can maintain high yields while harvesting a quality product that consumers want,” said David Cleavinger, a wheat farmer in the Texas panhandle. “Being paid for quality while increasing yield and profitability has been a goal all farmers share.”

About Grain Craft

Grain Craft has a time-honored, personal commitment to the flour milling business. The largest independent flour miller in the US, Grain Craft has developed lasting relationships with American farmers to grow and harvest the best varieties of wheat for a range of baking needs. Experienced millers at each of Grain Craft’s mills craft wholesome, nutritious flour by opening the goodness of wheat. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN with a satellite office in Kansas City, Grain Craft has 14 mills across the United States from Barnesville, GA to Portland, OR.

About Indigo

Indigo is a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. With a vision of creating a world where farming is an economically desirable and accessible profession, Indigo works alongside its growers to apply natural approaches, conserve resources for future generations, and grow healthy food for all. Utilizing naturally occurring plant microbes to improve crop health and productivity, Indigo is focused on cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice. The company, founded by Flagship Pioneering, is headquartered in Boston, MA, with commercial operations based in Memphis, TN, and international offices in Sydney, Australia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and São Paulo, Brazil.

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